Rejuvenate your skin at the cellular level.

Rejuvenate your skin at the cellular level.

What is RevivaMask?

RevivaMask™ is a highly concentrated exosome product with additional UCT-MSC (umbilical cord tissue – mesenchymal stem cell) extracellular matrix containing specifically selected regenerative factors which play a critical role in skin rejuvenation, repair, collagen production, skin elasticity and enhancing the overall health of the dermis.

RevivaMask’s is a first of its kind compressed mask sheet which maximizes absorption of the extracellular matrix solution for even and complete coverage of the treated skin. The extracellular matrix solution consists of a powerhouse mixture of UCT-MSC derived growth factors, cytokines, proteins, extracellular vesicles including exosomes (+100b per ml), and interleukins. RevivaMask is designed to enhance treatment effectiveness and outcomes, the extracellular solution should be incorporated as a much-needed post-aesthetic care solution.

The cooling sensation of the powerful RevivaMask product provides a soothing and calming effect to post-procedure skin, which can be sensitive and unpleasant at times. It is recommended to use RevivaMask after micro-needling, derma peels, laser treatment-type applications, and more to help achieve your best results. This proprietary formula utilizes many powerful natural ingredients to make it the perfect complement to any rejuvenation treatment that causes a traumatic disruption to the dermal layer of the skin.

What Makes it Unique?

RevivaMask is manufactured using high-quality umbilical cord-derived ingredients specifically designed for skin rejuvenation. The RevivaMask’s solution captures a mixture of ingredients in extracellular vesicles including a high concentration of exosomes (+100b per ml), growth factors, cytokines, proteins, and interleukins which can help restore damaged tissue, maintain skin elasticity, and speed treatment recovery time for an unmatched experience in skin rejuvenation.

Why is this important…….when it comes to regenerative factors MORE is truly BETTER and RevivaMask’s proprietary manufacturing process delivers concentrations unmatched in the industry. RevivaMask’s extracellular matrix solution is delivered in a 15 ml volume containing 1.5T exosomes, which is far greater than any other product on the market AND with the added BOOST of the additional specific regenerative factors to aid in the body’s ability to heal itself and improve outcomes.

How it Works

Most skin aesthetic treatments rely upon a controlled injury to the skin. This activates a wound-healing response and increases skin thickness and dermal collagen.

Studies have shown that the mixture of UCT-MSC (Umbilical Cord Tissue – Mesenchymal Stem Cell) derived growth factors, cytokines, proteins, extracellular vesicles including exosomes (100b per/ml), and interleukins provide a wide range of health benefits and help aid in the body’s ability to heal itself and add to the effectiveness of the aesthetic treatment.

Kit Contents
Each kit contains 15ml of extracellular matrix solution, compressed white mask sheet, and instructions for use card.

-80° F freezer – up to 3 years
0° F (-18° C) standard freezer – up to one year
40° F (4° C) standard refrigerator – up to three months

Many Uses of RevivaMask™

There are many uses of the RevivaMask that can fit into any aesthetic package offered by clinics. RevivaMask can and should be used post treatment for these options:

Apply RevivaMask™ after these of treatments:

  • Micro-needling (w/RF)
  • Derma rolling
  • Derma peel
  • Laser Treatment

How to Apply the Mask

The extracellular solution will be frozen, so allow 15-20 minutes to thaw completely before use.

WARNING! Let the solution thaw naturally – do not microwave or use any other warming devices to thaw the extracellular solution.

  1. Wash hands thoroughly and don gloves before handling the mask sheet.
  2. For best results, at least a.50mm derma roller is recommended before applying the RevivaMask product to the face.
  3. Take the RevivaMask jar out of the freezer or shipping box.
  4. Remove the packaging of the compressed mask sheet.
  5. Open the RevivaMask jar and add a compressed mask sheet (white tablet). Let it soak up completely. The mask sheet will expand and sponge up as it soaks.
  6. Open the soaked mask sheet carefully. Apply it directly on the face and adjust until it covers the whole face smoothly.
  7. Apply any remaining extracellular solution directly onto the mask sheet. Leave it on the face for 15-20 minutes or until it becomes dry.
  8. After removing the mask sheet, allow the excess extracellular solution to remain on the patient’s face for a minimum of 3 hours. For maximum results, allow the extracellular solution to remain and soak in for up to 12 hours.

If the solution gets into the eyes or mouth do not swallow. Rinse well with warm water.

Product Stability:

RevivaMask can be thawed and refrozen.

It is safe to refreeze the extracellular matrix when the jar has not been opened or only opened for seconds, with minimum exposure to the air. Simply put the jar back into the freezer. The compressed mask sheet can be stored at room temperature.

For External Use Only

If you get the solution in your eyes or mouth do not swallow and please rinse your eyes and/or mouth thoroughly with warm water.

The Science Behind it:

RevivaMask™ is created through a proprietary process of extracting specific skin rejuvenating properties from the umbilical cord tissue of the placenta. Our team of biological engineering scientists have designed a powerful proprietary formula that is based on science to specifically target facial skin regeneration and repair. The University of South Florida lab research department’s testing results have shown tremendous proliferation effects compared to a controlled group.

C2C12 muscle myogenic cells were maintained under standard cell culture conditions. A 72-hour serum-free treatment with The Stem Cells Mask product was performed on experimental groups (n=12) 24 hours after plating. Alongside, a control (n=12), was maintained for 72 hours in serum-free conditions with no treatment. The proliferative effects of the mask product were measured and normalized to the control group. The percent standard deviation was calculated and applied to the graph.

Test performed: Nanoparticle tracking analysis. NTA Report

Exosomes are 30-200 nm in diameter and the graph at the bottom left indicates a mean range of our exosome diameter to be 139.6 nm which shows a pure population of exosomes in the solution. The original concentration of exosomes in the solution is 111 billion exosomes per ml (top right – original concentration).

What does this formula indicate on the test? “1.1E+11 particles/mL”

The formula “1.1E+11 particles/mL” represents the number of particles –(exosomes) present in one milliliter of a liquid sample.

The “E+11” notation means “times 10 to the power of 11”. So, 1.1E+11 is equivalent to 1.1 multiplied by 10 to the power of 11, which is 110,000,000,000.

Therefore, in simple terms, 1.1E+11 particles/mL means that there are 110 billion particles-(exosomes) present in every milliliter of the liquid being measured.

Which means our RevivaMask 15ml extracellular solution has over 1.5 TRILLION exosomes.

Actual pictures of exosomes

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